North Wall Capital provides private capital to Western European special situations. The Firm manages several funds on behalf of global institutional investors, targeting uncorrelated returns with strong downside protection.

The Firm’s objective is to provide counterparties bespoke private capital solutions that address their specific funding requirements, helping to unlock value in complex situations. We specialise in opportunities where flexibility, creativity, and speed are important.

Our team of seasoned investment professionals has many years of pan-European investing experience. The team care deeply about their commitment to our investors and counterparties.

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European Credit Opportunities

The Firm’s Opportunities Fund invests from a long-dated, closed-ended fund structure in non-standard Western European special situations, across industries and asset classes. The Fund usually invest in the form of secured credit instruments ranging in size from €10m-€100m. North Wall Capital focuses on opportunities in Western Europe.

Portfolio Acquisitions

The Firm’s portfolio acquisition funds focus on the acquisition of distressed portfolios of secured and unsecured assets across Europe. The Firm has closed over a dozen transactions in this space alongside aligned local operating partners. Our approach relies heavily on quantitative analysis of large data sets, and uses technology where possible to improve decision-making processes.

Legal Assets

The Firm’s legal assets fund provides our counterparties with capital to maximize value from the legal assets in their portfolio. We prefer situations with a strong predictability of outcomes, usually because there is a strong legal basis underpinning expected outcomes, or established precedent de-risking the situation.

Direct Lending

The Firm’s direct lending strategy seeks to provide loans to performing or stressed business unable to access traditional bank financing. We focus on opportunities between €20m-€100m in Western Europe.

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We frequently scale into discrete opportunity sets alongside aligned and motivated local operating partners. Our partners bring local presence and a track record in a specific asset class, while we bring capital and experience scaling opportunities.

Entering into operating partner relationships is particularly interesting for opportunities that require the aggregation of smaller individual ticket sizes, portfolio servicing experience, or roll-up strategies.

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The Firm has invested substantially in our in-house Asset Management function. This team is responsible for the day to day monitoring of our investments, as well as the implementation of and controlling of KPIs. Our asset management team relies on technology and robust systems which are both provided by top tier external service providers and built internally.